Huntington H. Dusuau, The Stalwart Scribe


Huntington H. Dusuau was a man who spent nearly his entire life bearing the position of secretary, whether in professional, social, religious, or civic affiliations. If it is true that the pen is mightier than the sword, then Mr. Dusuau was a powerful man indeed. Huntington Hedwin Dusuau, Sr., better known as “Honey” Dusuau, was born in 1910 in New Orleans to Louis and Ernestine Pierre Dusuau. His paternal ancestry lies within the Carrollton section of New Orleans and the Creole Dusuau family. He received his elementary and high school education at Holy Ghost School and Xavier University Preparatory School. He was a graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana. After his graduation, he served as Secretary to the President of the Cardinal Gibbons Institute, near Baltimore, Maryland. The Cardinal Gibbons Institute was a high school and vocational training school for students of color which was opened in 1924 and closed in 1967. Having returned to New Orleans, Dusuau worked as one of the first black managers for the Housing Authority of New Orleans, serving as a manager of the Lafitte Housing Project. This was perhaps his most well-known endeavor, as the management of the then newly-built housing developments by black managers was a point of immense pride for the community. He served as Executive Secretary of the Knights of Peter Claver from 1962 to 1964. He was secretary for several years of the New Orleans Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. He served as secretary of the Epicurean Social and Pleasure Club. Huntington H. Dusuau died on 28 November 1964. Dusuau and his wife were the parents of two daughters, Evangeline and Adleaner, and one son, Huntington Jr.

Photograph Source: The Claverite, June 1944.


2 thoughts on “Huntington H. Dusuau, The Stalwart Scribe

  1. Thanks to Lolita for informing me of this website. I plan to pass this info on to uncle Honey’s surviving children – Lil Honey & Lena.
    Note: of the 6 siblings who stayed in New Orleans, 3 were XULA grads in the 1920s – Audrey Dusuau McGaffey, my father Louis C. Dusuau & Huntington H. Dusuau.

    Lolita you know to pass on my info to the young historian.

    Good seeing you last night and again thanx,
    Doris Dusuau Taylor, 3 generation family of Holy Ghost, Xavier Prep & XULA

    • I am the first born son of Huntington Dusuau Jr. If anyone would like to communicate with me and be a closer family I am open for conversation. It would be nice if my children can learn more about the Dusuau side,

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