The Gay Divorcees

In a bold move from a past era and at a time when divorces were frowned upon, these liberated women wanted the world to know they were no longer married. The proud announcements appeared in The Louisiana Weekly newspaper on 10 January 1931 and 22 June 1940, respectively.

Photo No. 1 – Mrs. Florence Ora Wilson, described as a charming young lady, stated that she was granted a divorce from her former husband, Mr. Joseph Robertson, and custody of her child on November 7, 1930. She further stated that since that time she had become the happy bride of Mr. Achille A. Wilson on January 3, 1931.

Photo No. 2 – Mrs. Wanda Epps, dressed in beautiful spring attire, announced she was awarded a divorce from her husband, Mr. Joseph LaCabe, in June of 1940. The suit was based on Act 430 of the Louisiana Legislature of 1938 (separation of two years without reconciliation). The attorney representing her was A. P. Tureaud and she further stated that there were no children and no community property involved in the settlement.


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  1. Joseph Robertson was my great great grandfather your son was named Joseph Robertson my father name was Joseph

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