1918 Graduating Classes of the New Orleans School of Domestic Science

In our June 13, 2012 post we presented the New Orleans School of Domestic Science which opened October 15, 1917 with 200 women and 500 girls attending the first year.  Exercises for the first graduating class were held at the Pythian Temple in New Orleans on March 15, 1918.

The graduation address was, believe it or not, “Efficiency is Patriotism.”   We must remember that these ladies were graduating after the onset of World War I and their school’s company benefactor was the Gas Light Company in partnership with the city of New Orleans which had an obvious effect on development of the graduation address.

Pages 3 and 4 of the graduation announcement list all of the women who graduated in eleven classes.  These include

CLASS 1                                             CLASS 2

Mary Carson                                        Delsie Behn

Mary Carter                                         Leona Duplessis

Henrietta Dufochard                             Alverda Dejoie

Mary Franklin                                       Orleaf Hall

Maude Frank                                       Mattie James

Lauretta Griggs                                     Eola Minor

Mary Hathaway                                    Viola Mitchell

Annie Henley                                        Louise Morris

Priscilla Hart                                         Sophia Nelson

Hattie Hurley                                        Ella Orlage

Olenthia Landix                                    Georgiana Peterson

Juanita Miller                                        Mary Stanley

Bythella Monroe                                   Mary Shields

Mary Nance                                         Maria Spotts

Mary Posey                                          Anaice Slacomb

Sara Sanders                                        Lillian Thorp

Alhonsine Vincent                                 Mary Turner

Lillian Wittenberg                                  Edna Vallere

Emma White

Ruth Wilson

View the pictures to see who graduated in classes 3 through 11.  My maternal grandmother, Beulah Helen Igy, graduated in Class 6.


Source:  Original document.

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