Class of 1944 – Saint Mary’s Academy

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Reading from left to rightFirst Row (Sitting): Beryldell Crutchfield, Lois Gougis, Thelma Lebeau, Maxwell Boyer, Vivian Heisser, Margaret Landry, Thelma Moore, Vera Mougous, Sallie Jordan, Mary Lee Matthews, Rita McClung, Louise Clivens, Agnes Ryans, Hattie Wallace, Dorothy DeMesme.

Second Row (Standing) – Gloria Benoit, Carmen Tenette, Dorothy Snaer, Marion Bakewell, Yvonne Raphael, Shirley Rodriquez, Camilla Janet, Joyce Woodfox, Barbara Jean Hackett, Margaret Mayfield, Audrey Moseman, Berenice Delery, Helen Vinson, Marguerite Broussard, Marybelle Brazile.

Third Row (Standing) – Melba Vega, Alma Gougis, Camilla Malveaux, Virginia Darensbourg, Dolores Bourgeau, Gloria Mae Betts, Norvice Hutchinson, Gwendolyn Vavasseur, Winifred Bertrand, Geraldine Netter, Barbara Juge, Elizabeth Ellis, Cecelia Breaux.

All hail the Class of ’44! The young ladies pictured above were the high school graduates of  Saint Mary’s Academy in the Vieux Carré. The 1944 Yearbook was the first to be published after a two-year absence due to war shortages. These young ladies, who received their education at the hands of the good Sisters of the Holy Family, could include in their high school memories the aid they had given to the war effort. They did their part by participating in St. Mary’s Waste Paper and Waste Fats Drives while also engaging in the War Loan, Red Cross, and Community Chest Campaigns.

The World War was not their only international interest however, as they raised money to rebuild the Sisters’ convent in British Honduras which had been destroyed by fire.

They took with them many fond memories of their four years together, but they also would remember the death of two very dear friends who never lived long enough to share in this special day: Francis Brazil, their freshman classmate and Sister Catherine, their Sophomore teacher.

” But the last hour has struck. With changeless love for our Alma Mater, with steadfast loyalty to one another, with a heart bent on high things and broad enough for all, we go forth.”  (Written at the end of their class history)

Source:  Maris Stella, 1944 Yearbook. (personal collection)

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  1. Is there a reason why you did not include other data from the yearbook? It would be a useful tool of images and detail.

  2. Can you please find a picture of my aunt, Shirley Thomas who attended SMA in the 40s? She later married and become Shirley Adams. Thanks! Actually, I believe her name was Shirley Leon.

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