“By Study, Reading, and Literary Excercises” – Benjamin Harrison Literary and Social Club, 1891

Elsewhere on the blog, we have mentioned on more than one occasion the importance of societies and clubs within the Creole community. On 20 February 1891, twenty-five men representing some of the city’s oldest families appeared before attorney and notary public, Louis Andre Martinet, to incorporate a new literary association. Theirs was just one of many groups dedicated to promoting literary culture, among them the Marechal Niel Club for women. The men named the group the Benjamin Harrison Literary and Social Club, after the incumbent President of the United States. The object of the group was “the mental culture of its members, by study, reading, and literary exercises, and the promotion of social intercourse and good fellowship among them.” The incorporators of the Benjamin Harrison Club were:

 Henry Ballon, George M. Heno, Juan Roliges (?), Edmond Rixner, Henry Francois, Benjamin Ballon, Charles Populus, Pascal Larrieu, Jacques A. Butman, Joseph Jolne (?), Emile Peche, George Dubreuil, Joseph Almazor, Edward E. Meteye, William O. Forstall, Paul Sayas, Albert L. Rey, Edward Vaucresson, Oscar Decou, Leonce Gardette, D. Foster, J. Johnson, M. Caulieu, Joseph A. Moret, Ernest Roman

Source: Acts of Louis-Andre Martinet, 1891, New Orleans Notarial Archives


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