Belfield’s Pharmacy 1925-1955

Belfield's PharmacyBelfield’s  Pharmacy

1830 St. Bernard Avenue (Near Prieur)

C.L. Belfield, Ph.C., Manager

A unique Institution Catering to the Public in Every Capacity.

All Prescriptions Compounded under the Careful Supervision of Registered Graduate Pharmacists.

Toilet Articles and Gift Department Offers a Variety of Tokens Appropriate for All Occasions.

Lunch Counter and Soda Department are Unexcelled for Service; Satisfy the Appetite and Quench the Thirst.

Conveniently Located at 1830 St. Bernard Avenue- Ideal Parking Space

C.L. Belfield, R. Ph., Ph. C………Manager  / C.C. Thornhill, R. Ph., Ph.C……..Prescription Department

H.J. Belfield………Assistant Manager   /  Miss Marie Bertrand…….Soda Department

Wilfred Mouton…….. Delivery Department  /  Octave Francis…….Delivery Department

Edwin Thompson…….Delivery Department

We Deliver to All Parts of the City

Belfield's Pharmacy 2

Don’t Fail to Visit Us during the Hot Weather. Our Soda and Lunch Department Is Equipped to Satisfy Your Desire.

Delicious Toasted Sandwiches Are Served.

(Our Daily Menu)

Ice Cream / Ice Cold Soda / Malted Milk / Ice Cream Sundae / Toasted Sandwiches / Cup Cakes (Baked in Our Pastry Department) / Hire’s Root Beer / Sabana Beer / Box Candy in Assorted Sizes

A Complete Line of Cigars and Cigarettes

No Matter What It Is, You Will Find It At

Belfield’s Pharmacy


The two ads shown above were found in the back of the 1930 and 1931 McDonogh#35 Roneagle Yearbooks. Various industrial, commercial, and professional enterprises invested financially in the purchase of space in the yearbook to help pay the cost of the publication and to gain customers for their businesses. Belfield’s Drugstore was a regular supporter of The Roneagle.

Clifford Belfield, born 15 May 1897, was the son of Elliot Belfield and Octavie Francois of New Orleans.  Mr. Belfield  would eventually go on to graduate from Straight University and attend Meharry Medical School. He began his career as an employee of E.J. Labranche’s Pharmacy in 1918 which was located at 818 North Claiborne Avenue. By 1925 he would own and operate his own drugstore, Belfield’s Pharmacy, located at 1830 St. Bernard Avenue. The store would remain opened for the next 30 years (1925-1955) and become somewhat of a landmark  throughout its downtown location.

Dr. Belfield married Arestina Dobard and together they raised their four children (Althea, Clifford Jr., Irving, and Wendell)  above the family’s business at 1830 St. Bernard Ave. In 1955, Dr. Belfield retired and he and his wife moved to San Jose, California.


6 thoughts on “Belfield’s Pharmacy 1925-1955

  1. Been at the drug store a few times in the early ’40s with my buddy Teddy Lawrence. We knew Wendell. Also my grandmother used to live in one of the apartment bldgs behind on Onzaga St.

  2. .. Once at a very young age, I thought about becoming a pharmacist. My father told me to go talk with Mr. Belfield. He was a realist. He said: “OK,
    but being a pharmacist is a lot more than serving good ice cream. s You have
    to be in the store from 8am to 9pm, 7 days a week. Are you ready to do that?” I shook my head, no, and walked away thanking him for being straightforward and truthful. I loved his home made ice cream to this day.
    —Maurice M. Martinez, Jr.

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