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1912 Woods Directory

The Woods Directory was published by Allen T. Woods in the early 1900s. It is an indispensable historic reference for anyone whose ancestor(s) owned a business in New Orleans at the time. According to Allen Woods in the forward to the 2nd edition of his Directory, January 15, 1912:
The Colored people in New Orleans have long been awake to their advantages and possibilities in the commercial world, but are just now starting a campaign to awaken the whole country to a realization of their progress and development along industrial and commercial lines.”
Again, for family historians, there are not only businesses and many organizations listed but also pictures of some of the proprietors/proprietresses which can add to the visual histories of many researchers such as:
Pg. 2  Boyer & Taylor Co. Ltd, Funeral Directors, Shippers & Embalmers
(provides pictures of Thomas A. Carr, President, Mrs. Ella P. Taylor, Vice President, Charles Medley, Manager, Raoul J. Llopis, Secretary & Treasurer, Willie T. Taylor, Embalmer along with a picture of the “call buggy” which is the horse and buggy in which visits were made.
Pgs. 4-6  Location of Prominent Places such as Asylums, Convents and Homes, Buildings, Churches, Clubs, Hospitals and Sanitariums, Parks, Railroad Depots, Schools, Colleges and Universities and Theatres.
Pgs. 7-13  Roster of Societies. Religious, Fraternal and Benevolent Showing Place and Date of Meeting (including Artisans’ Hall, Dominic Hall, St. Elizabeth Hall, Francs Amis Hall, Friends of Hope Hall, Good Samaritan Hall, Inseparable Friends Hall, St. James Hall, Salle de L’Equite Hall, Male and Female Hall, Masonic and Odd Fellows Hall, Myrtle Wreath Hall, New Amis Sincere Hall, Pythian Temple, Pythian Lodges, Mason Lodges, Wesley Chapel Hall, Economy Hall, Longshoremen’s Hall, Ladies’ Providence Hall, Winan Chapel Hall, Ladies of Hope Hall, Y.M.C.A. Hall and the Ancient Masonic Temple.
Pgs. 15-80 Woods Classified Colored Business, Professional and Trade Directory
“Cards of Colored business people listed in the directory for 25 cents.”
A sampling of the ads with pictures is:
Pg. 18 Joseph M. Sarpy, Tonsorial Parlor [provided barbering services]. Picture of Joseph Sarpy.
Advertised as the “Headquarters for Dining Car and Railroad Men.”
Pg. 28 DeJoie’s Cut-Rate Pharmacy. Picture of the pharmacy
“Let this be your family drug store.”
Pg. 34 Dr. R. O. Sanders, Dentist. Picture of Dr. Sanders surrounded by teeth.
Pg. 41 Robert C. Caldwell, Wig Maker and Hair Manufacturer. Picture of Mr. Caldwell
“Wigs and Toupees for Men and Women.”
Pg. 44 Mrs. Margaret M. Maurice, Concert Pianist and Accompanist. Picture of Mrs. Maurice.
“Begs to solicit engagements for concerts, recitals, parties and other entertainments.”
Pg. 46 N. Bell, Proprietor, Claiborne Dye Works. Picture of Mr. Bell.
“We Dye to Live.”
Pgs. 49-52 Geddes & Moss Undertaking and Embalming Company. Pictures of Mr. Clem J. Geddes & Mr. Arnold L. Moss. Interesting 4-page fold-out advertisement.
“We Are Open All Night.”
Pg.68 The Blandin-LeBlanc Co., Ltd., Funeral Directors and Embalmers. Pictures of Mr. John Blandin, President and Manager and Mr. Mandeville LeBlanc, Secretary and Treasurer.
“Funerals Promptly Attended To.”
Pg. 69 George U. Maury, “The Famous Horseshoer.” Picture of Mr. Maury surrounded by a horseshoe.
Pg. 69 Cobette & Poche, Practical Horseshoers, A. J. Cobette and O. Poche. Picture of Mr. A. J. Cobette.
“Horses sent for in all parts of the city and returned. All work done with neatness and dispatch.”
Pg. 71 Louis Charbonnet, Millwright Supervisor and Erecting engineer. Pictures of Mr. Charbonnet with some of his projects and descriptions of the jobs.
“Some Important Jobs Done Here and Elsewhere.”
The Woods Directory was published annually in January by Allen T. Woods at 1823 Seventh Street, New Orleans, La. However, the Directory was only published for 3 years. The 1912 edition is available at the Howard Tilton Memorial Library, Tulane University, New Orleans, La. 1913 and 1914 editions are available at the New Orleans Public Library, Louisiana Division, New Orleans, La. Search “Woods Directory” on WorldCat.org to find where you can locate a copy in a library near you.
Source: 1912 Woods Directory.

10 thoughts on “Woods Directory

  1. Do you have a copy of this directory, if not, where did you get the specific info from the book? The 2nd page has a photo of a relative of mine. Ella Taylor.

  2. Hi Norman,
    I just so happen to have a copy of the page you’re looking for which has your relative, Ella Taylor. I will send it to you by way of your home email. We do not have a copy of the entire directory, but Lenora (who wrote the article) gave you the info as to where you can find it. Look at the very end of her post and you will find it.

    • Raoul Llopis is my great grandfather. Are you a descendant of his son George LLopis. I have a photo Christmas card he sent out. Leona LLopis Perez is my grandmother.

  3. Do you have a copy of the Woods directory? Allen Woods was my great grandfather that I later learned about after my mom passed away. I am attempting to do a genealogy of the Woods family.

  4. Hi Verna,
    Unfortunately, we do not have copies of the Woods Directories. They are rather difficult to find. As Lenora stated in her article, Tulane University and the New Orleans Public Library on Loyola Avenue have copies on reserve. I believe you may be able to locate one or two at the University of New Orleans also. One interesting book you may want to consult that has recently been written by a friend of ours, Keith Weldon Medley is “Black Life In Old New Orleans.” Keith has devoted an entire chapter (Chapter 4) to the Woods Directory. I’m sure it would be of value. You can reach him at kwmedley@gmail.com……..Lolita

  5. If you have a picture of
    A. Cobette
    Please send me a copy.
    Your posting says its on pg. 69 I think.

    Thank you so much,

    Catherin Cobette

    • Catherin, since I already have this picture in my digital file as part of my research I can easily send it to you via your personal email. FYI, we do offer individual research services for a nominal fee if you find you need more assistance in researching your family. Please see our “Services” page.

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