A Military Wedding–1942 (Glenn-Williams Nuptials)

Glenn-Williams NuptialsA Military Wedding-1942

Glenn-Williams Nuptials

Pictured above are the attendants at the wedding of Miss Annabelle Glenn, a popular school teacher, who married Sgt. Luther H. Williams. They are:

left to right: (front row)  Misses Shirley Mae Brown, Myrna Davis (junior maid), Ruth Thompson, Mona Lisa Monier (flower girl), Marie Boyer, Florence Laroche (junior maid)

 left to right: (back row)   Miss Norma Frye and Mrs. Gilbert Thornton (matron of honor)

Ring bearer: Azamore Frederick Jr. is seen at the right.

The wedding was the much-heralded military wedding which was postponed twice because of unforeseen circumstances. Originally, the huge affair was planned for March 28,1942 but military obligations in the U.S. Army prevented it from happening. Rushed by Uncle Sam, they were married, however, when the sergeant passed through here on his way to Camp Lee. This quiet ceremony took place on Saturday, April 4, but since extensive preparations had already been made for a military wedding of huge proportions; they held the ceremony on April 8,1942 in full splendor at St. James A.M.E. Church with Rev. A.O.Wilson presiding at the proxy ceremony.

In keeping with a military theme, the female attendants wore gowns of navy blue or American Red with only the flower girl wearing white.  Each basket they carried of fragrant Creole Easter lilies, baby breath fern and asparagus were tied in wide red, white and blue tulle. The ring bearer was attired in full American army officer’s uniform. The bride nor the groom is pictured in this photo, but she (Annabelle) , stunningly attired in white silk lace, was given in marriage by her brother, Mr. Fred Martin. The groom , of course, was attired in his full U.S. Army uniform.

Source:  The Louisiana Weekly 18 April 1942 page 4


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  1. I had the good fortune of working with Mr. Luther H. Williams when he was principal at Johnson Lockett Elementary School in the Ninth Ward. Mrs. Annabelle Glenn Williams was princial of Joseph A. Craig. They were wonderful people. They lived for many years on N. Prieur Street and had one son Luther Glenn. Mr. Williams was also a member of the either the Young Men Illinois or the Original Illinois. Each year, Mr. Williams ordered his wife a
    flower that Billy Holiday wore in her hair. This was Mrs. Wiiams corsage.
    Their dedication and leadership was unsurpased.

    At Lockett School we were like one big family. Everyone was included in all activities. I also remember the Carnival parade with floats made by the teachers, that the Lockett’s King and Queen and the Royal Court mounted for a day of merriment.
    Barbara Trevigne

  2. Thanks a million for sending all this great information on Luther and Annabelle Williams, Barbara.I was disappointed that the bride and groom were not pictured in the photo,but I’ll continue searching.Better yet,I would love to contact their son and get one from him to include on the site.

  3. The Williams family moved from Prieur Street to either Piedmont or Clearmont in the Gentilly area. I do not know if their son Luther Glenn Williams still reside in New Orleans. I am certain the carnival krew would have a photo, however, I do not remember exactly the Carnival Organization Mr. Williams was a member. Hopefully, someone reading this post, will have additional information. That would be wonderful. Thank you for including their photo in posts.

    Barbara Trevigne
    New Orleans

  4. Mona Lisa Monier (the flower girl- born 1935) was the daughter of Ervin Monier Sr. and Winona Foster. She had two siblings: Nona Mae Monier Poydras and Erwin Monier Jr. Erwin. Her brother died in 1976 and he left behind 3 children: Desiree, Condo and Erwin Monier the 3rd. Mona herself married Charles Watkins and had three children: Charles, Kevin, and Adonis Watkins.
    Mona died August 1996 (age 61) and was a teacher at Walter L.Cohen in New Orleans. The entire family was closely associated with All Saints Church across the river and they were buried in the McDonoghville Cemetery in Gretna. Her son, Kevin Watkins died the same day she did. She lost her daughter, Adonis, three years earlier.
    By the way,some moved away to Oakland but returned here for burial as her father, Erwin Monier Sr.did in 1981.

    • this is my grand mother. my name is Adonis Marie Watkins. I am the daughter of her sone Charles Watkins and myself along with my brother were named after our father and his sister. So basicall its Charles watkins and adonis watkins 33-35 yrs later. I never met my grandmother, uncle or aunt after my birth as me and my brother we born in las vegas where Charles WAtkins jr my father still lives. Me and my brother live in atlanta now. Charles watkins also had a daughter older than me and my brother named zebbie. I have been looking up my fathers side of the family for yrs now, as i havent seen or spoke to him since 2012 i believe. CAn you give me more info on my family? Adoniswatkins7@gmail.com is my email

  5. I recently got back in contact with my father, Charles Watkins, the only surviving child of Mona Lisa Monier-Watkins. He is now in Georgia living with my older sister Zebbie. My email is still the same for anyone who wants to reach out to me, adoniswatkins7@gmail.com. My phone number is 702-329-0531. If any body has any more info or even recent pictures of my grandmother Mona, please contact me!!

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