The Roneagle Yearbook Staff- McDonogh #35 High & Normal School 1931

Mc#35 Yearbook Staff (p.1)-1931

Row1:  Haleemon Shaik (Editor-in-Chief), Elliott Keyes (Business Manager)

Row 2:  Helen Bartholomew (Assistant Editor), Alice Miller (Assistant Editor), Mary Jackson (Assistant Editor), Carmen Rogers (Assistant Editor)

Row 3:  Leo Jennings (Assistant Manager), Isidore Wolf (Assistamt Manager), Warren Smith (Promoter)

Row 4:  Mildred Cage (Dramatic Editor), Luella Smith (Music Editor)

Row 5:  Emily Ireland (Library Editor), Maude Davis (Contest Editor), Fannie Farrar (Society Editor)


McD#35 Yearbook Staff (p.2)-1931

Row 1:  John Nealy (Humor Editor), Bernice Despinasse (Photograph Editor), Gloria Banks (Snapshot Editor)

Row 2:  Marion Roux (Assistant Snapshot Editor), Ethel Lyons (Advertising Editor), Morris Jeff (Assistant Advertising Manager), Mildred Humphrey (Circulation Manager)

Row 3:  Edwina Boyer (Assistant Circulation Manager), Vivian Anderson (Sales Manager), Hazel Amacker (Assistant Sales Manager)

Row 4:  Ashton Murray (Stenographer), Joseph Jacques (Artist), Frederick Dumas (Artist), Harold Bouise (Artist)

Row 5:  Raymond Floyd (Designer), Agnes Dieudonne (Designer), Henry Barjon (Designer)


Yearbooks from the past can be a tremendous historical and genealogical aid to all of us. McDonogh#35 published their first yearbook in 1928. By 1931, the students (shown above) produced their school’s fourth issue of “The Roneagle”. The name “Roneagle” was a mythical bird that resembled an American Bald Eagle but is different in that it is fashioned in solid iron. It is said to be the mightiest, swiftest, and most resourceful of all winged creatures. Students chose this as their school’s emblem and, as a result, all yearbooks since 1928 have been named “The Roneagle”.

The 1931 edition was of top quality consisting of one hundred and ninety-six pages. Included in its contents are faculty members, class photos and activities, poems, stories, art work, humor, snapshots and advertisements. Faculty advisers to these  thirty-one students were Oralee Baranco, Varice Henry, Frederick Fobb, Charles Rousseve, Bruce Neale, Edna Simmons, and  Lucille Stallsworth.

SourceThe Roneagle 1931(published by students of McD#35 High & Normal School)… personal copy

Lolita V. Cherrie

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  1. I have a copy of the first 1928 The Roneagle yearbook. My husband’s mother, Nedia Blouin Coubarous and aunt Lillian Blouin attended McDonogh 35 High and Normal School. This book is in excellent condition. I enjoy going through the pages and looking at how it was back then.

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