Crescent City Beauties (1934)

Crescent City Beauties-1934

First RowLois LaBrancheAnn RandolphEdith Winand

Second Row: Marjorie DuvigneaudYvonne DeLayEdna MinorCecilia TownsendOnelia Bazanac

StandingMaxine CooperIsabella CarterMae Gagne

The pretty young ladies shown above appeared in the August 16,1935 issue of The Louisiana Weekly. Only their photos and names were given without any indication as to where it was taken or what group they were representing. If any of you have additional information, please let us know. Listed below is what we have been able to add based on preliminary research we have discovered.

Lois LaBranche  was the daughter of Emile and Gertrude LaBranche. Her father was the proprietor of  the LaBranche Drugstore. Her two younger siblings were Emile Jr. and Hernandez LaBranche. She married James Faustina in February of 1937.

Ann Randolph’s  parents were George and Annie Touchard Randolph. According to the 1940 census, she was residing on Annette Street with her mother, and Olivia Truchard, her maternal grandmother as well as Ann’s uncles, Joseph and George Truchard, both plasterers in New Orleans. She married Raymond Jules Groscrand (Groscand) in June of 1952. He passed away in 1988. Together they had one son Raymond Jr. They reside on Burthe Street in uptown New Orleans.

Edith Winand  was born to Joseph and Beatric Kelly Winand on September 18,1915. She was a graduate of St. Mary’s Academy Elementary & High Schools. She received her degree in 1936 from Xavier University. She was a supervisor for the LA State Wefare System. She married Gerald Thomas, a postal employee, and has a daughter, Glynn Thomas Gervais, who is a regular reader and commentator on our blog.

Marjorie Duvigneaud, born May 5,1915, was the daughter of Louis and Alma Williams Duvigneaud. She married Clarence Witcher and by 1940 had moved to Los Angeles, California with her husband and brother, Harold. She passed away on March 25, 1990.

Yvonne  DeLay lived at 925 North Claiborne Avenue with her parents, Joseph and Angelina DeLay. Her father was a sail maker at an awning company in New Orleans. Two older siblings, Michael and Corinne, are  at home also. Her sister, Corinne, became a public school teacher and in 1940 Yvonne is living in Montgomery, Alabama. She married William Fletcher in June of 1940.

Edna Minor was the daughter of Sidney and Annette Brown Minor. In the 1930’s she was living with her dad, grandmother (Josephine Mitchell), and several siblings on Iberville Street. By 1940 they are residing on North Roman. She became a school teacher  and taught in Buras, LA. She married  William Carter Jr. and had one son. She was very active in the Xavier University Alumni Association and was a member of several social organizations. She passed away in August of 2012.

Cecilia Townsend was one of six children born to Elmo and Octavia Townsend. She shared her childhood days with Theriot, Joan, Mary, Elmo Jr., and Louise; her brothers and sisters. Born December 2, 1915, Cecilia later became a pharmacist and  married Bertrand Gonzalez in 1942.They eventually moved to Chicago, Illinois. She passed away in New Jersey in January of 1983.

Onelia Bazanac , child of Charles and Norma Bazanac, resided at 1577 North Prieur in 1930. Her father was also a sail maker at an awning company. Her sister, Nola was two years older than she was. She became the lovely bride of  Romain Jones, April of 1940 in Cane River. She graduated from Xavier University and was a popular school teacher.

Research information has not been found on Maxine Cooper, Isabella Carter and Mae Gagne. If anyone has any knowledge of these three ladies, please let us know.

Source: The Louisiana Weekly 6 August 1934; Ancestry.com1930 Census, 1940 Census, Social Security Death Index.


18 thoughts on “Crescent City Beauties (1934)

  1. aha, my mother and her friends of many years. Edna Minor Carter was my godmother . Many graduated from Xavier University with Edith and Edna. One correction, my mothers mother was Beatrice Kelly. Thank you for this picture. I have not seen it. I would like to add to my digital collection.

  2. How sweat … Ann Randolph Grossgrain, is my Godmother. The last time I saw her (abt. 2005) she is still living in New Orleans, now in the Garden District on Burthe St. I’m going to call her and tell her about the photo. I wonder if she remembers it? My family lived on Annette St. in the block west of Ann and her mother. I used to love to go and visit them, and look at and hold the dolls she collected. The dolls were the ones with china heads, hands and feet. They were dressed in beautiful little dresses and shoes, and the hair was silky and curly. Wow, there’s a flood of memories for you! Thank you for sharing this photo. I will have to add it to my collection.

    • Diane, Thanks for the additional info on Ann Randolph. I’ve done a little more research and discovered she married Raymond Jules Groscand (Groscrand) and has a son, Raymond Jr. I’ll add this to my article. I’d love to speak to her, if possible.

      • Lolita, is that the spelling of her husband’s name, Groscrand? (I have never seen it in print). If you do not have a phone number for Ann, I do, it’s the last number I used to contact her in 2005. She told me then that her son Raymond Jr. lives in Texas.

      • Yes, Diane on her husband’s and mother’s obituaries,census record and her marriage it is spelled Groscrand. It is spelled Groscand in the telepone directory…quite an odd name.

  3. Lolita,
    Thank you for sharing the great stories, photos and history of our great city, families, friends and events. I look forward to each posting.
    I think I recognize the photo of Ms. Isabella Carter and I only knew her as School Secretary and right hand lady of Principal Fannie C. Williams at Valena C. Jones School for a very long time. I attended Jones School in the 50’s. Maybe some of the city’s teachers and/or their progeny would be a resource.

    • Thanks, Elise, you are correct. She is pictured in the photo “Faculty of Valena C. Jones” as the secretary under Fannie C. Williams. She is the first one seated in the first row. I had completely forgotten !

  4. Do you have any additional information on Ann Randolph’s father George’s family? I have a George Randolph in my tree from the 1880 census…1st Ward, Ascension Parish. I know some of the Randolph’s migrated to New Orleans.

  5. Lois LaBranche was my aunt. She passed away in April of 2009.
    Her very good friend was Oneilia Bazinac, whose SISTER, not brother, as Nola. They are also both deceased.

  6. C. Townsend and M. Duvigneaud are related through marriage. Cecilia is the daughter of Louis Theriot. Louis Theriot is the brother of Bertha Theriot (my great-grandmother) who is the wife of Victor Duvigneaud, uncle to Marjorie Divigneaud. I am a descendant of both families.

  7. Cecilia Townsend and Marjorie Duvigneaud are related through marriage. My great-grandmother was Bertha Theriot. She was Cecelia’s aunt. Bertha married Victor Duvignead who was Marjorie’s uncle. I’m related to both ladies because my great-grandparents were each members of their families.

  8. Jaime,
    Thanks so much for all the info. It’s great to know that the photos we are putting on our blog are actually ones that many of our readers can connect to as family members. It encourages us to continue researching through old newspapers, archives, collections,etc. Hopefully, others will find their family members here also.

  9. Yvonne DeLay was my mother and Lois LaBranche was my godmother. I think the group was called ” “The Smart Set”, a club created by these women when they were around 12 years old. My mother passed away in 2004.

  10. Hi Rosalind…. Thanks for sharing. Both your mom and godmother were beautiful women. Did you see the other post they are in? It is dated August 18, 2012 and is entitled “The Housing Committee National Medical Association, 1935.” There are other articles that have photos of “Delays”. Just enter “DeLay” into the search bar and it will bring them up. They may be your relatives. Let us know.

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