McDonogh #35 Yearbooks 1928-1946

McDonogh #35- Photo from 1929

Mc Donogh #35 High School

655 South Rampart Street / New Orleans, LA

Of all the 141articles posted on CreoleGen up to this date, the one entitled McDonogh #35 High School- Sophomore Class 1931 (July 10, 2012) was the one that has been read the most.  It is also the one, where you as readers, have posted the most comments (thirty-three) and sought information on relatives who attended school there throughout the 1930s to 1940s. For this reason, I have devoted some of my spare time to researching the various archival sites in New Orleans so I could put together where these rare early editions of The Roneagle can be found.


The first Roneagle was published in 1928 by the students of McDonogh #35. This edition can be found at Xavier University Archives and McDonogh #35 High School.


The University of New Orleans Library/ I also have a personal copy in case anyone needs information. 


The University of New Orleans Library and McDonogh #35 High School


The University of New Orleans and McDonogh #35 High School/ I also have a personal copy.


I have a personal copy which was loaned to me by a friend.


McDonogh #35 discontinued the publication of its yearbooks from 1933 until 1944. The University of New Orleans is the only archival repository where you can find thenames” of the graduates of the school for 1936, 1941, and 1943.


After an absence of 11 years, publication of The Roneagle resumed. The scope and type of advertisement were changed by the yearbook staff, but a copy can be found at New Orleans Public Library and McDonogh #35 High School.


Available at New Orleans Public Library and McDonogh #35High School


McDonogh #35 High School has the only available copy. No other information is available on yearbooks throughout the remaining years of the 1940s.


Librarians at the various sites will more than likely not be able to look up specific photos for you, so you will probably need to report yourself or send someone to do so. A phone call must be made to the librarian at McDonogh35 for an appointment since those yearbooks are locked inside of a cabinet and she is the one who has the key. Plus she also has classes to teach so you need to make sure she is available. You may be allowed to take a photo or possibly use the copy machine at most locations. None of the books, of course, can be removed from the area in which they are housed.


New Orleans Public Library/ Louisiana Division / City Archives and Special Collections -209 Loyola Avenue (third floor) phone # 504-596-2610

McDonogh #35 High School/ 1331 Kerlerec Street / phone # 504-324-7600 (ask for the librarian)

University of New Orleans/ Louisiana and Special Collections Department (4th floor) – Earl K. Long Library- 2000 Lakeshore Drive/ phone# 504- 280-6544 (open for research to all)

Xavier University of Louisiana Library/ Archives and Special Collection/Suite 319- 1 Drexel Drive- phone# 504-520-7655 (open for research to all)

Lolita Villavasso Cherrie/ I can be reached at (comments)

If you have any of the yearbooks listed above and would be willing to share information, please contact me at and I will gladly add you to our list.


3 thoughts on “McDonogh #35 Yearbooks 1928-1946

  1. More than pure nostalgia, Creole Gen is demonstrating how important it is
    to share the achievements, social connections, and the sense of peoplehood
    embedded in the lives of our Creole ancestors, Reviewing the photos that
    you posted in the past year brought back memories of great teachers, dedicated leaders, and wonderful Creole people who were role models for
    us to follow. Please, whenever the opportunity occurs, explain to our youth
    any knowledge you may have of these Creole ancestors who gave us much
    more than they realized. Merci beaucoup, Creole Gen. Keep em coming!
    –Maurice M, Martinez, Jr. Ph.D.
    The University of North Carolina Wilmington

  2. Cousin, you are such a generous provider of historical and genealogical information, that it
    is almost impossible to not read your post. Looking forward to the next.

    Gobert, Rochon, Pellerin, Boutte

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