St. Mary’s Academy-1937 (Queen/Court/ List of Students)

St. Mary's Academy (Queen +Court) 1947

 Queen and Her Court

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Queen:  Ernestine Alexander.   Maids (Sitting):  Gertrude Nicholas, Cecile Johnson.  Maids (Standing): Theresa Gosserand, Bernadette Gabriel, Rosenia Steel, Evelyn Fontenette. 

Train Bearers:  Phylis Charbonnet, Berydel Crutchfield.  Pages:  Annie Martinez, Hughette Collins.

 Names of All High School Students (1937)


The names of all seniors can be found on our blog under [St. Mary’s Academy Class of 1937- January 6, 2013]


 Althea Adams- Lucille Benjamin- Dolores Campbell- Stella Chargois- Celina Fortune- Gertie Mae Gaudet- Geraldine Johnson- Helen Martin -Gertrude Nicholas- Marcella Peters- Lillie Richard-  Laura Robert.


 Fatima Ahmed- Eunice Aubry- Yvonne Beguesse- Helene Block- Claire Boutte- Grace Boutte- Constance Carrere- Florence Clark-  Lucy Ann Dauphine-  Eliska Dave- Dolores Delay- Vera De Lille- Marie Delpit- Reine Garrison- Mercedes Graber – Esther Green- Juanita Hatfield-  Agnes Hazeur-  Cecile Johnson-  Louise La Mothe-  Leah Lange-  Olympe Legaux-  Dolores Lombard-  Helen Miller*Annie Monroe*-  Marie Monroe-  Lois Motley-  Violet Onezine- Velma Osborn-  Dorothea Parker- Ethel Parker*- Melva Parker- Whilmer Peters- Gloria Pierre- Marie Louise Quezerque- Loretta Serino- Rosenia Steele- Catherine Swanson-  Cryola Wright- Helen Miller


Ernestine Alexander- Marguerite Baham- Mildred Baker*- Dolores Barbarin- Lorraine Boutte- Edna Mae Boyd- Valrie Brown- Veronica Brown-  Evelyn Cadres*- Bernice Clavo*- Hughette  Collins- Olivetta Cousin- Mary Davis- Deborah Delpit- Yvonne  Demazeliere- Corinne Douglas*- Evelyn Fontenette- Bernadette Gabriel- Gloria Hall- Lolita Hall- Honorene Hazeur- Mary Henry- Theresa Hertzock- Zenobia Johnson*- Alice Kastor-  Theresa Lainez-  Verna Lainez-  Laura Louise Lee-  Dolores Lombard-  Sylvia Lombard-  Annie Martinez- Anita Melancon- Essie Melancon- Dorothy Miles- Georgiana Mitchell- Emanuella Moreno-  Dorothy Prescott- Dorothy Robert- Marjorie Rouzan- Lois Walker- Lydia Weber

*Students who attended or who were registered during the first semester only.

Class photos of all high school students are contained in the 1937 yearbook.

Source:  Maris Stella 1937( St. Mary’s yearbook- paperback only)… personal possession


19 thoughts on “St. Mary’s Academy-1937 (Queen/Court/ List of Students)

  1. Unfortunately, whenever I put students of St. Mary’s Academy on our blog, we do not get responses from alumni or family members. You are only the second person to do so. I have this class photo with your mother in it. If you do not have it, I will scan and send it to your email. Just let me know.

    • My mother was a Freshman in 1937, if you have her Freshman class I would like you to scan it and send it to my email. I graduated from SMA in 1973.

  2. I see my mother in law Verna Lainez (Turner), and her sister Theresa Lainez (Brown), listed in the Freshman Class of SMA ’37. Our family would love to see/have the class photo. I graduated from SMA in ’75.
    Thanks for your research and web site. I enjoy reading it.

  3. Hi there! Do you have a photo of Stella Chargois? She is my grandmother and is still alive. I showed this site to her and we are both eagerly anticipating a photo of her. She also had a sister by the name of Shirley Chargois, not in the same class though. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  4. Tonisha, I’m happy to inform you that I did find a photo of your grandmother, Stella Chargois, in the 1937 yearbook of St. Mary’s Academy. I will scan and send it to your email. You have such a pretty grandmother !!

  5. My mother and aunt are listed as freshmen students in 1937.
    Verna Lainez and Theresa Lainez
    Having a copy of this picture (s) would be priceless.

    Thank you in advance!

    God Bless and thank you for posting,

    Catherin Cobette

  6. I see my mother and aunt are listed in St Mary’s 1937 Freshman class. Their names are Verna Lainez (Turner), and her sister Theresa Lainez (Brown), Would it be possible to obtain an individual or the class photo.?
    Thanks for your time and for this web site.

  7. Hi McLane, Please check out the new post that just went up today. You will find Melva Parker in the Sophomore Class photo.

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