Corpus Christi School/Annual Kiddies’ Day Parade (1938)

Kiddies' Day Parade 1937-1938

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When the children of Corpus Christi Catholic School held their annual Kiddies’ Day Parade on Sunday, May 1, 1938; they were escorted through the streets of the Seventh Ward by a police motorcycle patrol. Master Edward B. Spriggins, Jr. led the parade even though a short delay occurred when it suddenly began to rain. This did not; however, keep throngs of spectators from winding their way through the downtown section of New Orleans to witness the yearly extravaganza.

Upon returning to their schoolyard, all the Corpus Christi kids gathered around the Royal Court of 1938 (as pictured above) for lots of entertainment, fun and awarded prizes.

The Royal Court, as shown in the photo above, was seated on floats in the background. The miniature king was Virgil Hardin, and their queen was Camille Rock. Edgar Guillmette was prince and Valda Wicker was princess. Other leading participants were Max Barnes, Larry Aubry, Wellington Arnaud, Lydia Sindos, Elyria Jourdan, Gloria Olivier, Evelyn Long, Genard Smith, Shirley Bossiere, Sybil Haydel, Clifford Garnier, Robert Vaucresson, Anna Louise Cherrie, Claire Dejoie, Jean Haydel, Althea Rouzan, and John Henry Zeno.

The photo below shows a close up view of one of the floats which happens to be the queen’s float.

Kiddies' Day Program- 1937-1938 part 2

Back row: (left to right):  Lydia Sindos, Camille Rock {Queen}, Evelyn Long

Middle Row:  Elyria Jourdan, Gloria Olivier

Front Row:  Genard Smith

If any of our viewers have additional information on the Annual Kiddies’ Day Parade, please send us your comment. I would love to share it with our readers.

SourcesThe Louisiana Weekly, 7 May 1938, page 1; A special thank you goes to Genard Smith for the use of her two photos shown above.


5 thoughts on “Corpus Christi School/Annual Kiddies’ Day Parade (1938)

  1. Thanks for posting this photo. My dad, Clifford Garnier, is in this photo, as well as my mom, who I can clearly see in the first row standing in front of her mother.
    Keep up the wonderful work you do. It is much appreciated.

    • are you related to the garnier/family in the seventh ward. such as elsie,audrey,shirley,djalma jr, florence(my grandmother), sister anthony osp(nun). to mention a few.

  2. What amazing pictures, thanks for posting! My grandmother, Genard Smith, is in the close up view of one of the floats!

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