Roneagles in the Office (1932)

Roneagles in the Office

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Students’ names listed below are shown in alphabetical order and not according to where they appear in the photo.  Many of our readers have been very excited to find photos of  parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins that they had never seen before, especially relatives in their younger years. If so, please write and let us know.

Oralee Alexander /  Andrew Alexis/  Marguerite Baker /  Lucille Barrett /  Pearl Barnes /  Elliott Beal /  Milton Becknell /  Lambert Boissiere /  Henry Bowser / Edwina Boyer /  Mildred DeLonde /  Emma DeMar/  Mildred DeSarzant/  Galatea Douglas /  Harrison Edwards /  Marion Fleury /  Mae Gagne /  Hilda Gautier /  Edna Green /  Georgetta Green /  Louise Green /  Gertrude Guichard /  Mae Lucille Guy /  Alma Lee Hammond /  Vivian Haynes /  Rosa Hunter /  Maude Jackson /  Thelma C. Johnson /  Thelma Lee Johnson /  Ida Lenora Jones /  Olivia Jourdain /  Geneva Lang /  Lucille Lewis /  Hilda Lincoln /  Ethel Violet Lyons/   Dolores Martin /  Odette Matthews / Viola Pierre /  Edna Prophet /  Audrey Reese /  Evelyn Rixner /  Priscilla Robinson /  Marion Roux /  Clara Simms /  Henrietta  Smith /  Ezelle Suane /  Eloise Thomas /  Lenora Thomas /  Alphonsine Watts /  Margery Watts /  Edith Louise Winand

The students above were members of the various 1932 classes of McDonogh#35 who were chosen to assist the principal and office staff with many of the numerous tasks they had to perform on a daily basis. Two or more students were selected from each class. They were selected because of their courteous behavior, efficiency, and tact.

Every semester a new group was chosen and sometimes some of the students who had served before were selected again because of some special aptitude they had shown for office work.  Two from this group were selected as their leaders. They were Ethel V. Lyons, head office girl, and Thelma Rose Johnson, her assistant.

Source:    The Roneagle Yearbook 1934 of McDonogh #35 High School, New Orleans.

Lolita V. Cherrie


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  2. Hi, my mother Edith Winand is n the third row going up and in a black blouse she is fifth from the left. My sister’s-husband’s aunt is Lucille Barrett . Mother’s best friends through her life were Emma DeMar and Edwina Boyer

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