Students attending St. Mary’s Academy (1937)

On 24 September  2013, we  posted the names of  students on CreoleGen who attended St. Mary’s Academy in 1937. Since that time, many of you have sent requests asking for scanned photos of  relatives whose names were found here.  As a result, I have scanned the class photos contained in the 1937  yearbook with the hope that many of you will find them to be helpful. Please let us know if you have been successful in your search.

St. Mary's Academy 6th-7th grades of 1937

Sixth and Seventh Grades

Seated (Left to Right)– Ernestine Henry, Dorothy Jat, Edith Melancon, Vivian Daniels, Marietta Delay, Evelyn Milton, Gloria Blache, Dardenella Darensburg, Dorothy Bordenave Middle Row— Juanita Williams, Esther Giullemete,       Theresa Gosserand, Mildred Parker, Gloria Gougis, Geraldine Moret, Dolores Nash.
 Top Row – Jean Amadee, Marion Fournier, Helen Scorza, Lorraine Cassino, Elswith Carrere, Shirley Matthieu, Drusella Peters, Marion Porter, Rebecca Schmidt.

St. Mary's Academy (Freshmen Class)1937Freshmen

First Row (Left to Right) – Ernestine Alexander, Alice Kastor, Dorothy Robert, Veronica Brown, Edna Mae Boyd, Emanuella Mareno, Yvonne Demazeliere.
 Second Row – Theresa Hertzock, Marjorie Rouzan, Evelyn Fontenette, Laura Louise Lee, Dorothy Prescott, Olivetta Cousin, Bernadette Gabriel, Honorene Hazeur.
Third Row – Valrie Brown, Mary Henry, Lolita Hall, Sylvia Lombard, Mary Davis, Gloria Hall, Anita Melancon, Deborah Delpit, Marguerite Baham.
Seated – Annie Martinez, Geraldine Hooper, Lydia Weber, Georgiana Mitchell, Hughette Collins, Lorraine Boutte,  Verna Lainez, Theresa Lainez.

St. Mary's Academy 1937 (Sophomore Class)Sophomores

Top Row – Standing, (Left to Right) – Velma Osborn, Dolores Lombard, Melva Parker, Mercedes Graber, Clare Boutte, Grace Boutte, Constance Carriere, Marie Monroe, Whilmer Peters, Louise LaMothe.
Second Row – Eliska Dave, Helene Block, Lois Motley, Fatima Ahmed, Violet Onezene, Doretha Parker, Loretta Serino, Catherine Swanson, Junita Hatfield.
First Row – Olympe Legeaux, Eunice Aubry, Lucy Ann Dauphin, Vera De Lille, De Lay, Yvonne Beguesse, Cecile Johnson, Reine Garrison, Leah Lange.

St. Mary's Academy (Junior Class of 1937)Juniors

Standing (Left to Right) – Dolores Campbell, Celina Fortune, Lucille Benjamin, Marcella Peters, Gertie Mae Gaudet, Gertrude Nicholas.
Sitting (Left to Right) — Geraldine Johnson, Lillie Richard, Althea Adams, Stella Chargois, Laura Robert.

A photo of the Senior Class of 1937 can be found on CreoleGen, posted on 6 January 2013.

Source: Maris Stella (St. Mary’s Academy Yearbook-Paperback) 717 Orleans St., New Orleans, LA

Lolita V. Cherrie

14 thoughts on “Students attending St. Mary’s Academy (1937)

  1. Thanks so much. My mother, Laura Robert and My aunt Dorothy Robert are in these pictures. Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you for keeping us updated and informed on our history. LOVE you guys and the work you do! I try to tell everyone I know!

  3. My cousin Geraldine Moret is in the photograph. I graduated from St.Mary’s Academy in 1969. My mother Marion Alexander attended in the 40’s. It may have been 1944 or 1945. Would you happen to have any photos from those years? And, thank you for your good work.

  4. I enjoyed looking at photos from this year. All of my aunts went to St.Mary’s, however the years may have been the 1940’s.Thanks for all the hard work doing the research on these for us to enjoy.

    Lin Heno Argieard,,Class of 1965

  5. My Mother Sylvia Lombard was a Freshman then.. this is incredible to see, since I haven’t seen any of her old high school pictures.. her B’Day is tomorrow, so the timing is perfect.. Thx so much for sharing!!

  6. These posts are so special. I especially enjoyed this one of St. Mary’s Academy. My mother, Marion Desomes attended the school, and was the valedictorian of her high school graduation class. I believe it was 1935. Thanks for all you do.

  7. Thank you so much Lolita!! My mom and several family members were on these pictures! Do you have anything on George Colombel Jr.? He was my oldest sister s dad!

  8. Someone shared the freshmen picture with me a couple years ago but I had not seen this site. My mother, Teresa Lainez, now 95 years old, and her sister Verna Lainez are seated at the right.

  9. My Great Aunt, Olympia, is in this photo. I would love to learn more about my family tree.
    My grandfather, Albert Breud, changed his name from Leo Ramon LeGaux. I’m desperate for answers and connections

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