Xavierites (1943)

Hopefully, many of you will be able to locate friends and family in our two photos below. If so, please let us know.

 Xavier Uiversity Junior Class 1943 #2

Junior class of 1943  (Click photo to enlarge)

Bottom Row: (left to right): Dardanella Blandin, Doris Atkins, Althea Belfield, Shirley Randolph, Roberta Palfrey, Josie Mae Daniels, Mary Ella Robinson, Glady Harris, Audrey Mae Hunter, Juanita Waiters.

 Second Row: Benjamin Franklin, Marie Keys, Grace Broyard, Miriam Victorianne, Hilda Sheffield, Ernestine Gray, Leontine Clayton, Zenobia LaBeau, Carolyn Barnes, Lorraine Frederick, Jacqueline Perkins.

 Third Row: Alfred Witcher, Gerald Lenoir, Noel Gray, Elmer Harvey, Isador LaMothe, Odessa Khaton, Mary Alice Emmanuel, Eva Martin, Theresa Hertzock, Dorothy Salsman, Anita Gaudin

 Fourth Row: James Elam, Norman Evans, Jack Forte, Charles Young, Wallace Marine, Joseph Boyer, Catherine LaBeauve, Rose Brown, Leola Melton, Ora Mae Lewis, Kelly Wyatt.

 Fifth Row: Clarence Joseph, Emmanuel Baham, Edgar Dapremont, Clement Hazeur, Raymond Harris, Clyde Hatch, Leon E. Etter, Robert Lee, John Fleming, John Flamer.

 Other members of the Junior Class, not shown in the picture are: Harold Boucree, Lillian Brooks, Althea Chamberlain, George Connor, Ella Louise Davis, Audrey L. Flowers, Bertrand Girigorie, Charles Hatfield, Geraldine Hooper, Annabel Jeffrion, Grace Jennings, Josephine Knowles, Mae L. Knox, Louise LaMothe, Major McBee, Celestine Mitchell, Hilaire Moriniere, Hunter O’Dell, Iona Perrilliat, Gerald Peterson, Howard Rogers, Natalie Smith, Eleanor Thompson, Mildred Vappie, Frances Wallis, Adrienne Waters, Natalie Wiley, Helen Forcia.

Xavier University Freshman Class 1943

 Freshmen Class of 1943 (Click photo to enlarge) 

Bottom Row: (left to right): Althea Calvin, Alice Barnes, Ruth Green, Adelaide Badie, Audrey Poche, Larney Hithe, Verna Mae Johnson, Nolma Boucree, Doris Young, Nora Lee Nelson, Emily Miller, Evelyn Henike, Gloria Brawley, Contin Broussard, Claretta Rogers, Lenora Washington.

 Second Row: Alva Dominick, Camille Joseph, Lucia Bauduit, Doris Wiltz, Addie Louque, Martha Nickerson, Jual Peacock, Barbara Raymond, Anna Laura Shaw, Vervon Dumas, Wilhelminia Werner, Juliet Brooks, Willie Lee Washington, Geneva Jones.

 Third Row: Laila Lawson, Marks Labat, Robert Jordan, William Pajaud, Overton Jefferson, Georgia Lee Hayden, Murry Felton, Percy Robinson, Jordan Daniels, Doris Armstrong, Simon Rogers, Julia Jones, Lois Camp, Olive Turner, Rita Ferrand, Helen Perryman, Gertrude Raphael, Edna Lonan, Gertrude Sheffield, Lubertha Robbins.

 Fourth Row: Weldon Populus, Royal Van Vranken, John Warren, Oliver Billups, Albert Walker, Edgar Mims, Pearl Dejoie, Evelyn White, Helen Williams, Ruth Barnes, Inez Foe, William Stewart, Joyce Green, Catherine Brown, Prezetta Nedd, Juliet Bennett, Ora Lee Graham, June Patterson, Marian Morton.

 Fifth Row: Hayward Crawford, John Smith, Harry Nelson, Robert Mason, Edward Neely, Wilbert Lodridge, Louis Isadore, Richard Millspaugh, Ruth Clements, Raymond Poret, Odessa Nelson, Gwendolyn Plick, Carmen Falk, Audrey Boutte, Carol Gamble, Marjorie Augustus, Marguerite Labadie, Olivia Jamison, Edith Verdun, Mary Bluain, William Brown, Edward Sparrow.

 Sixth Row: Samuel Mitchum, Thomas Herrera, Alvin Thomas, Joseph Sylvester, Geraldine McCorkle, Marie Sherrod, Eula Mae Alexander, Agatha Randolph, Irene Broussard, Myrtle Ferrier, Rose Broussard, Jacqueline Norman, Vivian Tillman, Eugene Gilmer, Margaret Bratcher, Helen Ward.

 Seventh Row: James Cobette, Audrey Lane, Verna Victor, Willie Smith, Flourney Anthony, Claire Sharpe, Annabelle Robinson, Vastyne Whaley, Margaret Bazile, Yvonne Hymes, Martiel Swain.

 Eighth Row: Joseph Barnes, Louis Merritt, Robert Alexander, Harold Ransom, Olivia Butler, Fabian daSilva, Lilly Matthews, Arthur Martin, Elaine Delahoussaye, Anthony Rachal.

 Freshmen not in the picture are:   Hilda Anderson, Clarence Avery, Juliet Brooks, Jerry Combest, Norris Edwards, Charles Finley, Lloyd Gonzales, Leo Hall, Lutcher Hines, Mordecai Johnson, Audrey Jones, Wilbert Jones, Norma Joseph, Jauquim McCain, Dorothy McIntosh, Ruth Medice, William Montgomery, John Pruitt, Girtha Rayford, Gilbert Rochon, Frederick Seabrook, Richard Simms, Clara Smith, John Smith, Lamar Smith, Marguerite Thomas, Walter Thomas, Olga Thompson, Alethia Thorne, Mary Ward, Sidney Wilbon.

SourceThe Gold Rush (1943 yearbook) Xavier University Archives & Special Collections

Lolita V. Cherrie


6 thoughts on “Xavierites (1943)

  1. I was so excited to see the picture of the Xavier Junior Class of 1943. My Mother in law is on the third row Dorothy Salsman, she is now Dorothy Castille and is from and still lives in Lafayette, where she was a long time educator, and mother of 3, two sons and a daughter. She has awesome recollection and is an historian of her neighborhood and local community.
    She often speaks to us of fond memories of her time at Xavier
    and her life as she worked and lived in New Orleans. She lived with a wonderful family for a time, the Fredericks. Her friend was Lorraine Frederick, pictured on the second row in the photo. She lost track of Lorraine but believes she moved to California. If anyone remembers Dorothy or has contact info on Lorraine or her family, we would love to hear from you. Thanks from Dorothy Salsman Castille & Family.

  2. I am also so excited to see pictures of my father
    (Clarence Harrison Joseph Jr.) and his sister (Camille Joseph) in pictures when they were younger. Although both my father and aunt has passed away it is nice for me to share with his children and my cousins. This is a “keepsake” . Thank you.

  3. I was delighted to see my mother, Nolma Boucree Diamond (XU 1946), depicted in the photo titled “Freshman Class of 1943.”

    She indicates, however, that while the photo may have been taken in 1943, the picture might be better titled “Freshman Class of 1942-43,” for she and the others entered Xavier in 1942.

  4. My name is Anthony Charles Frederick, is Lorraine Frederick any relation to Rivers Frederick, who was possibly a relative of mine. My grandfather was Jules Frederick, Sr. We were all residents of Davant, Louisiana in Plaquemines Parish.

  5. Bonjour Mr. Frederick! You asked about Dr. Rivers Frederick. Dr. Frederick and his parents were natives of Pointe Coupee Parish, which is a good distance from Davant/Pointe a la Hache. I think your family is distinct from the Pointe Coupee Fredericks.

    • What about Lorraine Frederick, is she a native of NOLA or any of the surrounding parishes in which my family does have relatives. such as St. Bernard, St. Tammany, and Jefferson?

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