Mystery Photo – Corpus Christi School 1941

Corpus Christi 1941

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All of us, at one time or another, have come across a photo of people from the past that we know to be family members. Unfortunately, we have no idea of who they are or how they are related to us.

We recently came across an intriguing and beautiful picture taken outside of Corpus Christi School in 1941. The only caption listed below the photo says:

“Of the 1400 children in Corpus Christi School in 1941, about 120 are Xavier’s grandchildren. One hundred and ten of them are seen in this picture.”

Regrettably, there are no names attached to the above picture but, because of its clarity and simple beauty, we thought it would be worthwhile to share it with you, our readers.

So, if you or a family member (parent, aunt, uncle, cousin or sibling) attended Corpus Christi Elementary School in 1941 and had a parent who attended Xavier you may find them here.

Here are two basic facts which may help you in your search:

1). In 1941, Corpus Christi Parish celebrated its 25th Silver Anniversary.

2). If you click on the article, “Ushers of Corpus Christi- Silver Jubilee Celebration 1941” you will find a photo and names of family members deeply involved in the 1941 event. I’m sure many of the children/grandchildren of these members can be located in the above photograph.

Good luck with your search and please send us a comment if any of you are able to identify family members.

Sources:   Xavier University Scrapbook 1941, Xavier University Archives/ Special Collection. The Louisiana Weekly, 6 December 1941, page 9.

Lolita V. Cherrie

4 thoughts on “Mystery Photo – Corpus Christi School 1941

  1. I see the Epps twins !!! Marilyn Epps (Barthe’) and Miriam Epps (Saloy) both graduated from Xavier Prep, but did not attend Xavier University. However, Marilyn and Miriam both worked in the Xavier University Bookstore – Miriam for a short time, but Marilyn Barthe’ retired from Xavier after 29 years as the Bookstore Manager.

  2. Hello,

    I have recently found an old photo of the 8th grade class of 1958. David Arceneaux and I would like to memorialize the members of our fellow eigth graders. We have some names but not all. The picture shows the 77 of the students and 2 Nuns assembled in the front of the church building on St. Bernard Avenue in May, 1958.
    Would it be possible for CreoleGen staff to post the black and white photo and names on its website? I can send a copy of the photo. Please email me at

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