Armand Mire – Merchant – Gramercy, Saint James Parish


Though The Louisiana Weekly has always been published in the city of New Orleans, it has always reported news and cultivated an eager readership in the many other parishes of Louisiana. While still in its infancy, the publishers of the paper realized its potential beyond the city, renaming it The Louisiana Weekly as opposed to The New Orleans Herald.

For several decades, The Louisiana Weekly regularly featured columns with news from various towns and settlements across the state. Oftentimes, these columns included obituaries of highly-regarded members of those communities. the Weekly of 19 March 1932 contained an obituary and photograph of Mr. Armand Mire of Saint James Parish.

Armand Mire was a merchant for over forty years in the town of Gramercy. He owned a large ferryboat, which he regularly ran across the Mississippi River. In addition to a successful mercantile establishment, he was connected with many other business enterprises. Mr. Mire was also a leader of the Springfield Brass Band. He was aided in his business ventures by his sons and by his nephews, the sons of his younger sister, Valentine Mire.

Armand Mire was born in 1860 near Union, Louisiana to Paul-Dumesnil Mire and Louise Boudreaux. His father was a white farmer and his mother was identified as a mulatto. On 24 September 1885, he was joined in marriage to Miss Elizabeth “Bessie” Taylor. Over the course of their thirty-nine years of marriage, they had nine children who survived to adulthood. His wife died on 2 June 1925, while visiting a daughter in Convent.

Armand Mire died at the age of seventy-two years old on 6 March 1932, at the home of his granddaughter, from a stroke. He was buried alongside his wife Bessie in Saint Mary’s Cemetery in Union.




He was survived by six daughters: Wilhelmine Marie (Mrs. Thomas) Robert; Jennie Louise (Mrs. Morris) Heary; Mary Cornelia (Mrs. William) Clem; Rosa Alberta (Mrs. L) Martin; Annie (Mrs. Carl) Hill; and Lillian (Mrs. Lyle) Holt; and three sons: Paul Edward Mire; John Albert Mire; and Louis Webster Mire.

He was also survived by his sister, Valentine Mire (d. 23 April 1945), who was the partner of Augustin Sarrazin (1843-1929), the longtime postmaster of Union. Valentine and Augustin were the parents of Frederic, George, Ambroise, and Lucien Sarrazin, and of Mrs. Laura Sarrazin Davis.

Sources: 1870, 1880, 1900 Censuses, Saint James Parish; Death Certificate for Armand Mire, State Archives, Volume No. 9, Page No. 3203; The Louisiana Weekly, 19 March 1932, page 3.

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3 thoughts on “Armand Mire – Merchant – Gramercy, Saint James Parish

  1. I think he may be related to my family. They are from St. James as well. My grandfather’s mother was Elouise Mire or Myre. Unfortunately I don’t know much about her other than she married Gilbert Ketchens and died in 1935 while giving birth. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

  2. Armand Mire is my half great-great uncle. (I descend from Paul Dumesnil Mire and his second wife, Marie Belsir Boudreaux). I would love to be in touch with anyone researching (or interested in) Armand or Valentine Mire or their families. Please contact me by phone, letter, or email.

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