“The Spotlight” Illuminates the Class of 1927

Let’s take a journey back through the pages of a 1927 high school yearbook. The students below were photographed 89 years ago! Since this is the earliest yearbook we have been able to locate of any high school in New Orleans, we thought we would share some portions of it with you. It is our hope that some of our readers will be able to find long lost relatives or family friends.

Seniors (Xavier Prep)

Xavier Prep 1927 #1

Xavier Prep 1927 #2

Xavier Prep 1927 #3

Xavier Prep 1927 #4

Xavier Prep 1927 #5

The high school curriculum consisted of the “General Course” which was designed to prepare students for entrance into colleges or normal schools. The school offered four years of English, four years of Latin, and two years of French in order to enable students to pursue a strictly classical course in college. For those desiring a scientific or technical career, a full # of science and mathematics courses were offered. The high school also provided vocational training for those students who wished to engage in manual and domestic arts or who desired to prepare for a business career.

8th Grade (Xavier Prep)

Xavier Prep 1927 (8th grade)

Within the pages of the 1927 yearbook, there are group photos of the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade classes, but no names are provided. For this reason, they are not included in this post. I did find however the names of the 8th grade students so they are shown below but their names are listed in alphabetical order and not according to where they are seated or standing.

8th Grade

Cecil M. Armant, Emile J. August, Clarence E. Bolden, Isabel M. Boutte, Frederick M. Braud, Inez M. Braud, Thomas J. Brown, Wendell P. Butler, Gertrude L. Byers, Vernon V. Clement, Arnold E. Darensbourg, Fred J. Dejoie, Clara M. Dejoie, Theoza S. Delandro, Justin R. Drayton, Rose Mae Green, Alice M. Joseph, Solange B. Lartique, Edward B. LeBant, Odette M. Millet, Nannie Mae Nicholls, Alva M. Pierre, Verna Mae Pierre, Elzina M. Porter, Fred O. Ricard, Bonita L. Richardson, Oscar J. Robertson, Welton J. Roy, Helen V. Turnbull, Laura E. Turnbull

 All girl students were required to wear a uniform consisting of a blue serge skirt and white blouse during the spring and autumn. In the winter months, a blue serge dress was worn. Classes were held from 8:45 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. and three hours of study each night was recommended. Students were told that “Character was higher than intellect.” This included honor, self-respect, courtesy, gentleness, reverence, values, and personal duty.

Sources:  The Spotlight, Xavier Prep Yearbook (1927) and Xavier High School Bulletin 1926-27, Xavier University of Louisiana Archives.

Lolita V. Cherrie

7 thoughts on ““The Spotlight” Illuminates the Class of 1927

  1. Wow !! Effie Tureaud is my grand aunt. Her mother was Effie Moss. Thank you so much. I am so excited to be able to share this with the family.

  2. Great picture of the 8th grade class. We’ve counted the named of 14 boys but only 13 appear in the group picture.
    Our relative was named but we don’t see him in the picture.

    Would it be possible to see if he’s in another picture on the yearbook? His name was Fred O. Ricard and we think he played football.

    Thank you

    • Hi Helen,
      Yes, there are 13 boys who appear in the photo and I counted that exact number listed (13) instead of 14 as you indicated. When I return to Xavier University’s Archives, I will check to see if Fred Ricard appears in another photo.

  3. There are some who closely resemble my peers and are perhaps grandparents or great aunt/uncles. Namely George Guillaume and Margaret Richards look to be antecedents of two Walter L. Cohen High School class of 1969 classmates. Lolita V. Cherrie this is another one of your great works.

  4. My mother, Elzina M. Porter, was in the 8th Grade at Xavier Prep in 1927. She’s on the left in the 2nd row. What a wonderful surprise! I really did not know she had attended Xavier because she never talked about it. Thanks so much.

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