St. Peter Claver Convention of 1938

Although no text accompanied the mention of the St Peter Claver Convention of 1938, there were pictures of those who were in charge of making the convention happen.  Hopefully, we are providing pictures of ancestors that our readers may not have.

Convention Committe St Peter Claver 1938 1 croppedTop row, reading from left to right, Luke Mouton, Lady Edna Pentard, Stanville Jacquet (Housing Committee), Thelma Fleming, Edmond Domingue.  Second row, J. Wallace James, Louise Mouton, Eddie Washington, Louise Gireard, Moise Robinson.  Third row, Leonard Broussard, Gustavia Sonnier, Al Delahoussey, Maydel Mouton, Joseph Rubin.  Fourth row, Rita Figaro, Evelyn Chargois, Annette Coco, Senora Fleming, Mathilda Chargois.

Convention Committee St Peter Claver 1938 2 croppedTop row, reading from left to right, Lady Blanche Lilly (Assistant Treasurer), Freddie Martin (Vice Chairman), Margarite Figaro (General Secretary), Agnes Mouton (Treasurer), Joseph A. Francis (General Chairman).  Second row, Theodore Bundy, Calvin Gathe, Piola Richard, Arthur Lemelle (Chairman Entertainment Committee), Clifton J. Mouton (Transportation Chairman).  Third row, Nora Broussard, Myrtle Martin, John Chretien, Iris Cole, Oscar Figaro (Assistant Secretary). 

All names are provided as they appear in the source material.

Source:  The Claverite, July 1938, pgs. 6,7.

Lenora A. Gobert

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