Les Modistes: Ladies League Sewing Club – New Orleans, 1943

On the front gallery of Mrs. Sarah Coster Hyce, 2721 Jackson Avenue

On the front gallery of Mrs. Sarah Coster Hyce, 2721 Jackson Avenue

Pictured from left to right: Mrs. Albertha Stewart, Chair of Sick Relief; Mrs. Sarah Coster Hyce, President; Mrs. Dorothy Barber Brent, Recording Secretary; Mrs. Carrie Brent, Vice President; Mrs. Josephine Brown Barton; Mrs. Ora King; Mrs. Sarah Edwards Horton, Treasurer; Mrs. Bertha Jones Oliney; Mrs. Bertha James; Mrs. Cora Lee Gordon, Chair of the Finance Committee; and Mrs. Albertine Rieux Watson, Financial Secretary.

At this time of year, everyone is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to don their Easter finest. It ushers in the spring fashion season, when floral patterns and ornamented pastels reign supreme.

Pictured here from 1943 is a gathering of eleven ladies who were no strangers to the world of haute-couture. These ladies were members of the Ladies League Sewing Circle, who gathered for their first exhibition and tea at the lovely home of their President, Mrs. Sarah Coster Hyce, at 2721 Jackson Avenue. The Ladies League Sewing Circle was but one of thousands of women’s clubs all across the country, through which ladies socialized and fostered their interests in sewing, music, literature, card games, or other avocations.

An abundance of flowers decorated the home, while the masterpiece was the well-appointed dining room which was illuminated by candlelight and adorned with patriotic arrangements of red, white, and blue flowers.

The ladies had on display works of embroidery, quilting, knitting, and crocheting. There were examples of contemporary and historical pieces, including an exact replica of the saddle cover which General Smith rode in Abraham Lincoln’s funeral procession.

The members received over fifty guests, including officers and members from the Sunshine Needle Club, S. P. E. Club, and the L 38 Club. During the musical portion of the program, Mrs. Dorothy Brent read the club’s history.

Mrs. Cora Gordon, Chairman of the Finance Committee, acted as registrar. Mrs. Bertha Oliney was responsible for decoration of the table. The members gathered on Mrs. Hyce’s spacious front gallery to have their picture taken.

Source: The Louisiana Weekly, 16 October 1943, page 4.

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