The Louisiana Club of Chicago & Madame Camille Cohen Jones

Pictured here is Madame Camille Cohen Jones (1884-1928), daughter of Walter L. Cohen, a political leader and businessman of New Orleans. Madame Jones was a graduate of Straight University. She served as principal for a time of the Institution Catholique pour les Orphelins Indigents, or the Couvent School, of which both she and her father were graduates. She was a writer, a businesswoman, a political leader, and a civic and social leader. Madame Jones was possessed of a beautiful mezzo-soprano voice and gave language and voice classes. In 1926, she founded the Louisiana Social and Beneficial Club, one of many “home clubs,” formed by migrants in Northern and Western cities to keep people from common places of origin connected. The Louisiana Club was most famous for its Mardi Gras balls, which rivaled those of New Orleans itself. Below are names of the charter members and some later officers of the Louisiana Club, founded by Camille Cohen Jones.

On the 15th. of October 1926, the Louisiana Social and Beneficial Club was incorporated by the State of Illinois.

The object for which it was formed was to bring into active service all ex-natives of Louisiana interested in the progressive principles of the times to develop and promote these principles as outlined by the people of Illinois; to benefit the widows, orphans, heirs, and devisees of members thereof, and members who have received permanent disability; to promote general education along civic, social, and industrial principles and a get-together for all in order to promote on the whole a better understanding; such aid to be by voluntary contributions and not by fixed dues and assessments.

The group was governed by a board of seven directors.

The founding directors were:

Camille Cohen Jones, 4143 So. Michigan Avenue; Geneva Morgan Johnson, 4151 Vincennes Avenue; Julius M. Weil, 2151 Maypole Avenue; Valena C. McClelland, 525 East 34th. Street; Julia Taylor, 5039 Michigan Avenue; W. J. Waters, M. D., 5202 South Wabash Avenue; Maude E. Jackson, 522 Bowen Avenue.

On 27 June 1949, the President was Ollie Foster and the Secretary was Beatrice Price.

On 7 June 1972, the President was Marshall J. Henderson and the Secretary was Claretta Wyatt.

On 16 June 1986, the President was Frank Keys, the Vice President was Charles J. Marshall, and the Secretary was Claretta A. Patrick.


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  1. I went to Booker T. Washington and I know all of his history but I knew so many who went to Cohen plus I had a grandson who went there for a minute for summer school. I also lived around the school. It is wonderful to learn the history of Walter L. Cohen School. I love my history!

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