The Blandin-LeBlanc Funeral Parlor

John Blandin was born on 23 June 1844 to Adolphe Blandin and Celestine Terance. In the 1890s, he began working with the undertaking firm of Labat & Ray, which is now the Charbonnet-Labat Funeral Parlor. In 1909, he partnered with a man nearly thirty years his junior, Mandeville Adrien LeBlanc, to form the Blandin-LeBlanc Company Ltd. Mandeville LeBlanc was born on 19 June 1874 to Montpensier-Louis LeBlanc and Marie Debergue. He died on 4 March 1920 without any heirs. John Blandin died on 7 March 1928. His daughters, Felicia and Julia, inherited the company and reorganized it as the Blandin Undertaking Company, Ltd. Below is a bill for the funeral in 1941 of Fides Elizabeth Justine Jeanbard (1855-1941), the great-great-aunt of Janice Duplantier Smith.


5 thoughts on “The Blandin-LeBlanc Funeral Parlor

  1. Wow this is my great great grandfather (John blandin) was searching for family and Blandin Funeral Home since going to visit and seeing it on an HBO series and so far came across this!

  2. Bonjour Dania! i’m so glad you found our site and that some of the information was helpful in your research. I enjoyed writing this piece on the Blandin Funeral Parlor. I seem to remember there being a Blandin in the Native Guards? I’m sure it is an interesting family history.

    Jari Honora – CreoleGen

    • Thank you Jari for this article! Not sure about the Native Guards. I really enjoy finding information about my family history. Just found another showing Julia Blandin John’s daughter.

  3. $33.00 for a funeral!!! Thanks for a great story! I have a sign in book from my Great Aunt’s funeral in 1974 held at Blandin. She was 101. I remember going to the parlor and it was very dark. It was my very first funeral. They served pimento cheese sandwiches and some others I’ve forgotten about. I feel in love with pimento cheese as it was my first try. I was very young and knew I missed my Aunt as she had raised my Mother. She taught me a lot about Voodoo and it was her recipes my Mother had been taught that were used in our restaurant and bar, Hank’s at 1443 N. Robertson in the late 50’s-2003.

  4. John Blandin was my great-grand uncle. I remember Felicia and Julia growing up in New Orleans. Their big house (big at the time) is still in the family, owned by my Aunt for decades. As an altar boy at Corpus Christi I served at many funerals from Blandin Funeral home. It seemed kinda normal going in there.

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