1952 Graduates of Martinez School

Left to right:  (Left half of photo)……….Click on image to enlarge.

Row 1  LaSalle Brown,  Kathleen Meyers,  Numa Martinez,  ——-,  Louis Gaignard,  ——-,  ——-,  Marilyn Medley,  Sheila Moore,  ——-

Row 2 Thomas Lombard,  Helen Bourda,  Jane Gillardoni,  ——-,  ——-, Alfred Guillaume Jr.,  Alan Raphael

Row 3   ——-,  ——-, ——-,Venita Stanley,  Alvin Merett,  ——-,  ——-,  ——-,  Melvin Monconduit Jr.

Row 4  Cheryl Ferrier,  ——-,  ——-,  ——-.  Adrianne Brown,  Lillian Lee,  ——-, ——-,  ——-

Row 5   Linda Roth,  Jillandra Crowley,  Phyllis Stanley,  ——-,  Dianne Auguillard,  ——-,  Earline DeGruy,  ——-

Left to right:  (Right half of photo)……….Click on image to enlarge

Row 1  Pamela Payne,  Altonette Borris,  ——-,  Jonette Cagnolatti, ——-,  ——-,  Brent Prudhomme,  ——-,  ——-,  ——-

Row 2  ——-,  Cynthia Hedge,  ——-,  Zelda Cousins,  ——-,  Jacqueline Washington,  ——-,  ——-,  ——-.  Jane Callier

Row 3  ——-,  ——-,  ——-,  ——-,  Faith  Mary McKenna,  ——-,  Alvin Lacabe,   Byron McDonald,  ——-,  ——-,  ——-,

Row 4  ——-,  Aldrinette Chapital,  ——-,  ——-,  ——-,  JoAnn Mohr,  ——-,  Alfred Guillaume Jr.  ——-

Row 5  Lyman Barrow,  Janet Julien,  ——-,  ——-,  ——-,  Yolander Glapion,  ——-,  Edward Alexis Jr.,  Ursula Arceneaux,  ——-

1952 Graduates of Martinez School: (Unidentified)

Please help us identify these other 1952 graduates. Since the original graduating program from Martinez has students’ names listed only in alphabetical order, our team has only been able to identify 40 students that we know personally. I’m sure everyone below would love to be on our list. Send names to Creolegen@yahoo.com  and we’ll be sure to do the updates. Pass the word on. This should be fun and, after all, it’s part of our history!

Sheila Alberts,    Ronald Ally,    Sandra Bennett,    Carolyn Blanchard,    Frank Bland,    Diane Boskent,    Rudolph Carter,    Jerome Case,    Karen Chapron,    Ernest Chriss,    Eric Daste,  Michael Debouse,    Hasting Dessman,    Barbara Devezin,    Marlon  Domonique,    Betty Favre,  Cheryl Foy,    John Fletcher,    Manuella Gaskin,    Sharon Gibbs,    Milton Gilmore,    Gail Green,  Octavia Green,    Ronald Green,    Brenda Harris,    Pierre Jean,    Patricia Johnson,    Fayer Johnson,    Otis Johnson,    Joycelyn Jones,    Garron King,    Janice Labeaud,    Loretta Lee,   Eloise Ledbetter,    Rodney Massenberg,    Jo Ann Mitchel,    Margaret Mitchel,    Scherene Moore,  Aline Moret,    Cheryl Mouton,    Janet Perkins,    Walter Perkins,    Joseph Philip,    Alan Raphael,  Linda Reed,    Cyril Richards,    Adam Riley Jr.,    Carolyn Rivers,   Bruce St. Cyr,    Toni Trufant,  Michael Ward,    Freddie Washington,    Martin White,    Eddie Williams,    Harry Williams Jr., Edwin Wimbly

A special thanks to Numa Martinez and  Adrianne Brown, two of the graduates shown above. They were responsible for identifying the 40 graduates. That’s not an easy task when you must go back 60 years! Numa Martinez also provided the photo shown above which comes from his own personal famiy collection.

Lolita V. Cherrie

12 thoughts on “1952 Graduates of Martinez School

  1. Left side of photo 2nd row on right is me with Alfred Guillaume Jr. to my left! We also graduated from St. Raymond’s and St. Aug. together! I forgot all about this photo! I vaguely remember that we dressed in our graduation outfits to be lead out into the yard to take this photo. I don’t think it was taken on the day of graduation? I also remember the good red beans and rice the ladies in the kitchen would cook up for us some days. The fragrances coming out of that kitchen were 100 % New Orleans. Thanks for bringing back these lost memories.

    • Thanks for the information, Alan. I’ve added your name to the graduating list. If you or any of our readers can identify others in our photo, please let me know. It has been a monumental task trying to find names to go with the faces…..Lolita

    • I think the photo may have been taken on Graduation Day in 1952. The building looks like Book T.’s Auditorium? I believe our school building had wooden siding and the kitchen was in the back in a detached smaller wooden siding building next to the play area with a swing set and I think a Merry-Go-Round? Anyone else remember?

      • Hi Alan—-the building is BTW in front of the auditorium, which is,unfortunately ,all that remains of this great landmark. Everything else has been demolished.

  2. My mother says I graduated from Martinez in 1952 or 1953. However, I didn’t see my name (Calanthia Ann Barrociere) on the list in the article for 1952. However, I do think one of the children in the picture looks like me. Can someone check old Martinez books to see if my name is listed? We moved to Los Angeles in 1956.

  3. Hi Calanthia,

    Your mother is correct. There is a photo of you in the 1952 Martinez program book. I believe you may have graduated in 1953 if you are not shown with the class of 1952. Please check your personal email for the picture.

    • Lolita, Although my picture is in the 1952 class book, do you think Numa has a picture of the 1953 graduating class? If so, can you send to me?

  4. Start of a great education. Due to the excellent teachers and learning environment of her school, I was more than prepared to complete Corpus Christi first grade at 5 years old (born in June) with all A’s in every subject for the entire year. I still remember and loved Miss Lee, my Martimez school teacher.
    Can’t say enough about how much Miss Martinez and her school influenced my life and the lives and future successes of students she inspired with her school.

  5. My brother and I were graduates of Ms. Martinez school (Willis and Willard Gueringer). We also graduated from Corpus Christi in 1960 before moving to California. I’m guessing I would have attended Martinez school and graduated in 1952, but we’re not in the picture or listed by name. I remember Ms Martinez and am hopeful someone can help me.

    • Hi Bill,
      I don’t know why you are not in the 1952 graduating class from Martinez. It could be that even though you attended the school you may not have remained there until graduation. I am good friends with Numa Martinez, the son of Mrs. Martinez. I will check some records he has to see if you may have graduated the year before or in 1953. I’ll keep in touch….Lolita

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