Dental Clinic at Corpus Christi School-1948

Dental Clinic- 1948 Corpus Christi

The first dental clinic to be placed in any public, private or parochial school for children of color  in New Orleans was established at Corpus Christi School in the fall of 1948. This clinic was made possible through the cooperation of  Corpus Christi Parish and the Health Department of the City of New Orleans. The parish purchased the equipment that was needed and the Health Department  provided professional service and expendable supplies.

Dr. Samuel P. Felton is seen at the extreme right performing an oral examination  on one of the pupils. Others in the photo are from left: Leon J. Bickham, health  educator; Mother Mary ofthe Assumption (principal of Corpus Christi), Dr. John M. Whitney, superintendent of public health; Father George J. Hanks, pastor of Corpus Christi; Dr.M.J.Trahan, dental consultant for the City Board of Health; and Dr. Felton.

Standing in front of Mother and eyeing the dentist with obvious misgivings is little Octave Jacques. At extreme left are other pupils awaiting their turn for oral examinations and corrections. Clinic days were held every Monday,Wednesday and Friday.

Source: The Louisiana Weekly, 30 October, 1948 page 2


2 thoughts on “Dental Clinic at Corpus Christi School-1948

  1. So ahead of the time. The dentist of New Orleans played an important part in our lives. Dr Young was a long standing member of this group.

  2. Boy do I remember Dr Felton at Corpus Christi. I was terrified of dentist, but I always went to see him because it was an opportunity to get out of class – no questions asked. And, Dr. Felton was always so kind and so funny. He ended up being my dentist until he retired. A great guy!!!

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