Joy To The World … Corpus Christi Boys’ Choir of 1948

Corpus Christi Church Boys' Choir-1948 

Pictured above are the ten members of the Corpus Christi Catholic Church Boys’ Choir as they sang Christmas carols in December of 1948. The songs expressed words of happiness and joy during the holiday season and the hope for a lasting peace throughout the world. The names behind these youthful faces are: (from left to right)

First Row – Jacob Watson and Gaynel Bertrand

Second Row – Leonard Despues and Pelham Calhoun

Third Row – Robert Smith, Glendon Taylor, and Anthony Long

Fourth Row – Joseph Barrow, Reiss Duplessis, and Edsel Perez

Source:  The Louisiana Weekly, 25 December 1948, page 1.


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    • Anthony Long, are you Evelyn Cambre’s brother. If so, I’m Charlotte Ducros, Paul & Lorraine’s daughter. Please email me and let me know if I’m correct.

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