Dr. John J. Donasier – Forty Years of Medicine


Dr. John James Donasier

In previous posts, we have featured some of the insurance companies which emerged out of the community of color in New Orleans. All of these companies had a physician on their executive staffs who served as the company’s Medical Director. The Medical Director of the Saint John Berchmans Insurance Company was Dr. John James Donasier. Dr. Donasier also enjoyed a successful private practice within downtown New Orleans.

Donasier was born on December 21, 1892 in New Orleans to John Donasier and Theresa Roumadez. His parents were married on April 29, 1886, a union which produced four children – Olivia, Mary Clothilde, John James, and Paul. The elder John worked as a carpenter

John attended the public schools of the city before entering Concordia College in Illinois, from which he graduated in 1911. Having decided upon the medical profession, he entered the Bennett Medical College of Saint Ignatius College in Chicago. He graduated with the Class of 1915

On June 6, 1917, in a celebrated wedding which was held in Saint Joseph’s Church on Tulane Avenue, a young Dr. Donasier was married to Miss Yula Theresa Hardin, the daughter of Dr. Joseph A. Hardin and Louise Monette.

Dr. Donasier enjoyed a long career, serving as a consultant for many years in the Department of Urology at Flint-Goodridge Hospital. He was active in civic causes including the promotion of War Bond sales and soliciting donations to the Colored Doll and Toy Fund.

Source: EmDee ’16 (Yearbook), Bennett Medical College, Saint Ignatius College.


3 thoughts on “Dr. John J. Donasier – Forty Years of Medicine

  1. I think Dr Donasier is my grandfather. He died when I was very young and barely knew him. I have been searching for years to get any information about him and this site is the first one I’ve found that has anything about him. I only knew of his marriage to my grandmother. Do you know of any resource I can access for more information about him? I’d appreciate any help you can provide.

  2. Mrs. Woodring: Thank you for contacting us. Dr. Donasier has always interested me and I do have some additional information on him. I will send you an email with some information. One fact about him is that he gave a presentation at the 1935 Annual Convention of the National Medical Association titled “Significance of Bi-Racial Staffs in Negro Hospitals.” I may also have a picture of Dr. Donasier when he was older than picture above. If so, I will send that by email as well.

  3. Dear Mr Honora , you have helped before in filling in so many gaps in my family information . It was a surprise and very enlightening. I was thankful to know our heritage. In doing some more research I found a great great grandfather who apparently served in the army on the union side in a black regiment. His name was Julien J Monette. He was in the 6 La regiment Co I but I have conflicting info about his rank and whether he died as a prisoner of war or after. Supposedly he is listed on the African American civil war memorial. I didn’t know there was one. M589 roll 61 E – 149 . Can you shed any light on how I can find more information. I appreciate any help you can give me.

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