Our Grammar School Pupils/ St. Mary’s Academy 1937



St. Mary's Academy Grammar School Students (1937)

Our Grammar School Pupils

St. Mary’s Academy (1937)

[Left to Right]

First Row (Sitting) :  Rose Mary Haydel, Bernice Quezerque, Ida Pettie, Mary Lue Amedee, Lois Carter, Joyce Marcelin, Elizabeth Garrison, Thelma Haydel.

Second Row (Sitting):  Eunice McKendel, Ione Beck, Albertha Toppins, Dorothy Brown, Theresa Haydel, Letrice Delpit, Geraldine Marcelin, Jane Davis, Geraldine Lassai, Doris Demazeliere, Joyce Bidol, Wilhelmina Peters, Julia Hurel, Ann Lavine, Lois Gougis, Janet Laurent, Rose Mary Shonberg, Bertha Wiltz, Yvonne Quezerque.

Third Row  (Sitting):  Berydel Crutchfield, Glorie Mae Betts, Juanita Turnbull, Ezilda Fulton, Dolores Coleman, Geraldine Netter, Locretia Gice, Phyllis Charbonnet, Joyce Woodfox, Glayds Hill, Melva Vega, Mary Louise Mathews, Ernestine Henry, Dorothy Bordinave, Myrtle Martin, June Rose, Marie Bennett.

Fourth Row (Standing):  Cecile Delpit, Bernice Blache, Thelma Lassai, Doris Gougis, Dardnella Darensburg, Marion Ray, Marion Porter, Marion Haines, Lorraine Cassino, Gertrude Alexian, Katherine Martin, Marion Bakewell, Anna Mae Mingo.

Fifth Row (Standing):  Theresa Gosserand, Juanita Williams, Jean Amedee, Rebecca Schmidt, Dolores Nash, Juanita Simmons, Enola James, Iona Radford, Mildred Parker, Shirley Bloom, Elswith Carrere, Esther Guillmet, Lola Williams, Geraldine Moret, Helen Glaude.

Sixth Row (Standing):  Elizabeth Wilkins, Marion Fournier, Vivian Daniel, Dorothy Jat, Evelyn Milton, Gloria Blache, Drucella Peters, Mercedes Dauphine, Shirley Matthieu, Elsie Mae McBride, Marietta DeLay, Bertha Mitchell, Edith Melancon, Marguerite Broussard.


The above photo shows the eighty-six pupils who attended St. Mary’s Academy in 1937. They knew they were known as the “little sisters” of the high school but were proud of their achievements throughout the past year. From the Primary Classes to the Sixth and Seventh Grades they had worked together to show their older friends in the high school that they could be as active as they were.

As a group they had cooperated in presenting the annual Christmas operetta, Carnival pageant and Year Book Drive. These activities had not lessened their interest in Reading, Arithmetic and Music since they were kept “as busy as bees in a beehive.” Playing ball, song games, and story-telling provided all the fun they needed to keep healthy and happy.

Do you recognize any of our little ones?

Sources Maris Stella (1937 yearbook of St. Mary’s Academy) pages 18-19.


8 thoughts on “Our Grammar School Pupils/ St. Mary’s Academy 1937

  1. I attended St. Mary’s Academy from 1964-1970 (7th to 12th Grades), graduating Valedictorian in 1970. My cousin, Delores Nash, is pictured in this 1937 photo. What a wonderful opportunity for girls to become cultured and educated young ladies; so happy the tradition continues!

  2. This is a wonderful picture. I found my Aunt Marion Haines ( my dad’s sister ) in this picture. This is the only picture I have of her as a child. I attended SMA from 1960 – 1964. My class was the last class to attend school in this building .

  3. My great aunt, Marion Haines is in this picture. We never saw pictures of her as a child. My mother, Gwendolyn Haines Davis attended SMA 1955 to 1958.

  4. I am so glad that all of you were able to find a family member in this photo. These memories are so very important and we at CreoleGen are so proud to share them with you. Maybe we can check into having the photo enlarged. If so, we will contact you.

  5. I am overjoyed to have this photo since I attended the school until I was 15 yrs. old. We moved to NY. Thanks to the excellent foundation St. Mary’s Academy gave me I did well academically and in my career. I retired as a school district superintendent in Manhattan. I had been in contact with Joyce Marcelin in recent years. I would love to have an enlarged copy of the photo.
    During the Easter holiday before Katrina I visited N.O. and stopped at the school but it was closed for the break. A nun who was about to drive away got out of her car and graciously took a photo with me. She said she would invite to the school to speak to the students. Then there was Katrina.
    I am so grateful for this photo that I would like to make a contribution to whoever is responsible for it. Please let me know where I can send the contribution.
    Sincerely yours,
    Albertha S. Toppins

  6. Albertha, to make a contribution just go to the top right side of our page where it says “Support CreoleGen Here!” It will tell you to send by PayPal to CreoleGen or mail a check to Creole Genealogical and Historical Association Inc. 1509 Franklin Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70122.
    We’re so happy to know that this photo meant so much to you. Please continue to follow our site.

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