Carnival Celebrations in the Public Schools

The festivities of the Carnival Season permeate every segment of New Orleans society.  Everyone joins in the merrymaking leading up to Mardi Gras. Pictured below are several scenes of miniature monarchs and royal courts from some of the city’s schools of yesteryear. Just imagine the planning and preparation the teachers, parents, and students put into presenting the array of balls, dances, and pageants.

Carnival Ball Kids (Craig School) 1932

Joseph A. Craig School Carnival Parade – February 1932

Eldridge Duvigneaud (Queen) and Harold G. Duvigneaud (Page), children of Mr. and Mrs. Louis G. A. Duvigneaud.

Carnival Ball Kids (Thomy Lafon) 1936

Thomy Lafon School Carnival Ball – February 18, 1936

Top Row, left to right: Fannie Willie, Yvonne Smith, Marsleat Hutchinson, Gladys Jones, Gloria Graham, Marguerite Simpson.

Bottom Row, left to right: Augustine Dimes, Delores Taylor, Evelyn Joseph, (Queen), Cecelia Alexander, Inez Foe.

Carnival Ball Kids (McD.#37) 1936

McDonogh No. 37 School Carnival Dance – February 1936

Daisy Ruth Jones (Queen) and Ned Kennedy (King)

Carnival Ball Kids ( Albert Wicker Jr. High) 1936

Albert Wicker Junior High School – February 1936

Carnival Court from the Hi-Y and Girl Reserve Organization

Emercity Darby (Queen), Paul Martin (King); Pages – June Jackson, Delia Shackelford, Edmonia Theriot.

Carnival Ball Kids (Valena C. Jones) 1934

Valena C. Jones School Carnival – February 1936

Annette Rose Montegut (Queen) and Theodore Kohoe (King)

Carnival Ball Kids (McDon.#6) 1936

McDonogh No. 6 Carnival Ball – February 1936

Theme: “Neptune: God of the Sea”

Left to right: Raoul Maurice and Willie Frinkle (Pages); Ella Dejoie (Queen), Oscar Foster (King), Wilbert Simms and Lemuel Clanton (Pages)

Carnival Ball Kids (Albert Wicker) 1939

Albert Wicker Junior High School – February 1939

Carnival Court from the Hi-Y and Girl Reserve Organization

Center: Yvonne Johnson (Queen) and Paul Saizon (King), Gwendolyn Romain (Page)

Maids: Evangeline Khaton, Bernice Dede, Selina Gray, Louise Harvey, Lynn Gray, Dora Tuney.

Dukes: Robert Smith, Curtis DeMouy, Roland DeLarge, Wilfred Dennis, Walter Williams, Severin Goods

Carnival Ball Kids (Gilbert Academy) 1938

Gilbert Academy- February 1938

Front row, from left to right: Frances Anderson, Lucinda Lester, Alease Fortier, Ellsworth Frank (King), Catherine Marie Brown (Queen), Pearlie Wilson, Gertrude Bryan, Yvonne Mason.

Second row, left to right: Vernon Gilbert, Oliver Spellman, Nolan Hamilton, Emile Dyson, Victor Decoudreaux, Robert Decoy.

Sources: The Louisiana Weekly, 13 February 1932, 7 March 1936 page 3, 12 March 1938 page 2, 04 March 1939 page 2.

Lolita V. Cherrie

4 thoughts on “Carnival Celebrations in the Public Schools

  1. CreoleGen, many thanks for this article! I always hoped I would see a post relating to my family and I am so happy to see a picture of my beautiful beloved grandmother Masleat Elizabeth Hutchison (Thomy Lafon School Carnival Ball) as a child. I am always searching for anyone that may have known my family that lived in the New Orleans area.
    Masleat’s parents are Charles Hutchison and Amelia Hutchison (Cade is Amelia’s maiden name). My grandmother Masleat was married to Irvin Blandin, he was the son of Albert Blandin and Alice Blandin (Carlon is Alice’s maiden name).
    Many thanks!!

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